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All of the wildlife utility covers we design, engineer, and manufacture contain ZEROflame® Technology.

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ZEROflame® is a dip molding solution for wildlife protection, avian conservation, and reliable utilities.  

ZEROflame® is a hybrid plastic material that is compliant with California Proposition 65A.

Physical Features:

Dielectric Strength:
450 Volts per Mil

Heat and Humidity:
312 hrs@150°F
100% RH Internal Method Pass
No Change Visual

Cold Mandrel Bend:
24 hrs@ 0°F
12mm Pass
No Cracking Visual

Flamability Rating:
UL 94-5VA | Edition 6

UV Exposure:
1000 hours per ASTM G154
Cycle 1 No Visual Change

Tensile Strength:
Initial 964.1 psi
1,000 hrs QUV-B 1061

Wildlife Mitigation

ZEROflame® delivers protective solutions for
wildlife conservation goals and avian protection plans.

Wildlife uses utility poles / equipment for hunting, resting, nesting and shading from various weather conditions.

Utility right-of-ways frequently receive heavy wildlife use because they provide habitat, perches and/or provide abundant prey/food availability. 

Most electrocutions occur on poles with transformers or other equipment due to limited separations between energized and grounded parts. 

Fortunately, there are relatively low cost options to retrofit existing equipment with insulating protective covers. 

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Issues & Opportunities

Improve and demonstrate compliance with laws, regulations, court case law, agreements, permits, and utility avian protection plans.

Migratory Bird Treat Acts (MBTA)

  • Includes 1000+ species
  • Proof of intent not required for penalties.

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act

  • Criminal and civil penalty provisions
  • Endangered Species Act.
  • State laws protecting wildlife.

Opportunity for a utility company to  contribute to Federal, State, Tribal, and other wildlife conservation goals while improving grid reliability. 

  • Adopting practices that avoid wildlife electrocutions improves the company’s public image.
  • Consistent with the company’s Avian Protection Plan, which in turn, demonstrates compliance with laws, regulations, and agreements listed above.
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Fire Resistance

ZEROflame® is the highest quality, flame resistant, electrical cover material.

  • California Proposition 65 Compliant.


  • UV Resistant

  • Self-Extinguishing


Arc Flash Prevention

ZEROflame® Arc Protection

ZEROflame® prevents arc flash hazards associated with electrical equipment.

  • Reduces moisture & corrosion from dirt

  • Reduces poop trails which may cause flashovers

  • Reduces pollution and insect habitat accumulations

Grid Reliability

Improve grid reliability and compliance with grid liability regulations.

  • Reduced wildlife related outages, revenue losses

  • Reduced damaged equipment

  • Reduced fire risk

  • Reduced faults, fuse replacements 

  • Reduced exposure to environmental damage
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Our electrical covers have survived harsh desert & coastal environments since 2000.