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Protective wildlife covers designed for the electrical utility industry.

We manufacture dip molding solutions for avian wildlife protection, fire resistance, and reliable grids.

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ZEROman: Lineman with logo on head..

Wildlife protection for electrical utility equipment from outages due to weather, and wildlife. Electrical utility covers provide dip molding solutions for reliable grids, avian wildlife protection, mitigation and conservation. Made in USA using ZEROflame®

The highest quality electrical cover material used by major power utilities throughout the United States.

Physical Features:

Dielectric Strength:450 Volts per Mil
Heat and Humidity:312 hrs@150°F
100% RH Internal Method Pass
No Change Visual
Cold Mandrel Bend:24 hrs@ 0°F
12mm Pass
No Cracking Visual
Flamability Rating:UL 94-V-0
UV Exposure:1000 hours per ASTM G154
Cycle 1 No Visual Change
Tensile Strength:Initial 964.1 psi
1,000 hrs QUV-B 1061

All of the electrical covers we design, engineer, and manufacture contain our ZEROflame® material.


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