Makers of ZEROflame® Technology

We engineer and design electrical covers that keep grids reliable and wildlife protected.



The ZEROflame® 14” Dead End Cover is a clamshell design with reinforced stress relief hinge along the top, and a smooth grey finish free of voids on the exterior. Material durometer of 90-91 Shore A allows for cover halves to be opened to 110° to facilitate installation. Cover is secured over the dead-end clamp with (2) rigid plastic slide-on cuff fasteners. Cuff fasteners apply tension to hold open halves of cover closed and lock in place over molded detents when properly aligned. Finished cover insulation rating up to 38kv.

Custom Coating Innovations has created this Dead End Cover in conjunction with input from major utility companies and is used today throughout the United States. Made in the USA!

Our proprietary ZEROflame® material delivers dip molding solutions for wildlife protection and avian conservation plans. ZEROflame® is flame resistant and safeguards critical infrastructure from harsh environments ensuring grid reliability.



  • Self-Extinguishing
  • UV Resistant
  • Wildlife Protection
  • Grid Reliability


  • IEEE 1656 Compliant
  • Wind Tested to 120 Mph
  • California Prop 65 Compliant
  • Tested to 38Kv


  • Product can be installed with a hot stick or glove.
  • Designed for use with 5” clips.
    (CCI Pt.#ZFSLC5DBL) Sold Separately.

Custom Options Include:
Pin or Slide Closures, Laser Etching, Custom Color Options.


The highest quality electrical cover material used by major power utilities throughout the United States.

Testing Results:

Physical Features:

Dielectric Strength:450 Volts per Mil
Heat and Humidity:312 hrs@150°F
100% RH Internal Method Pass
No Change Visual
Cold Mandrel Bend:24 hrs@ 0°F
12mm Pass
No Cracking Visual
Flamability Rating:UL 94-V-0
UV Exposure:1000 hours per ASTM G154
Cycle 1 No Visual Change
Tensile Strength:Initial 964.1 psi
1,000 hrs QUV-B 1061

All of the products we design, engineer, and manufacture contain our ZEROflame® material.